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Tired of expensive, complicated and difficult to install Anti-SPAM solutions?

Ever lost a $25,000 contract because you haven’t noticed it in SPAM?

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Messed up your day because of a missed client’s email?

It's all about having less, not more

Less time spent away from your core business
Less management overhead

The SPAM is growing worldwide

Companies are getting swamped by it. Their business is directly affected as a result.

Corporations are increasingly see more SPAM coming to their inboxes, forcing them to spend more unproductive time on managing it.

As the recent poll shows, only a small number of companies have an adequate protection in place. Most are either using manual methods to fight SPAM, or use outdated systems which do not really work.

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in 2014

Even though blacklists, Bayesian filtering and other mechanisms are being deployed, amount SPAM is still growing

Some email providers, such as Google and Yahoo, can seem to solve the problem, until you have to go to your Spam folder and go through all the messages there. Worse still, you may find something important there, which was lost for a long time.

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Happy Moose Anti-SPAM is a cloud-based SaaS
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  • 2 mailboxes
  • 1 domain
  • elimates up to 99% of SPAM
  • zero configuration
  • email support



  • 10 mailboxes
  • 2 domains
  • elimates up to 99% of SPAM
  • zero configuration
  • email & phone support



  • 100 mailboxes
  • 5 domains
  • elimates up to 99% of SPAM
  • zero configuration
  • priority support & SLAs

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Due to the nature of our non-profit business, we're communicating with government agencies, partners, and sponsors via email a lot. We also have to have it visible in as many places as possible. It created lots of problems with SPAM for us in the past. Thanks to Happy Moose, not anymore!

Marina Ponomareva

Marina PonomarevaCommunity Manager @

FillMyFridge uses an order management system, that creates grocery delivery orders from emails. Happy Moose helped us to be more happy for sure by eliminating most of our "bad" orders.

Eli Ilatov

Eli IlatovCo-founder @

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